USB Power head and meter software
designed by G7OCD, sold by Xeropage.


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Preliminary specifications for PN: PH50M10GLP1 (subject to change)

Frequency range : 50MHz to 9.5GHz (10.3GHz possible with manual correction table)

Input power range : 0dBm to -50dBm

Accuracy : 0.5dB (from -10dBm to -40dBm)

Resolution : 0.05 dB

Usable temperature range : TBD

Software : WindowsXP and Windows7 (32bit and 64bit). Support for Linux and Mac OS (via Mono) being considered.

What's in the box?

Some self assembly required. PCB arrives uncalibrated but can be used in "ball-park" mode. Further calibration may achieved with the free software.

Windows software installation prerequisites

- .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributables. Downloadable from here. (You don't need the SDK)

- FTDI VCP driver. Downloadable from here. (IMPORTANT use v2.08.28 or later, earlier version have a bug which will affect operation)

In both cases, be sure to download and install the correct one of either the x86 (for 32bit) or x64 (for 64bit) depending on your type of Windows.

Windows software installation

Download the zip file from here. There is no installer yet, so just unzip and run powermeter.exe. You must leave the two .dlls in the same folder as powermeter.exe

What to do after software installation

1) Click the "Settings" tab and select a connected power head from the "COM port" list

2) Select a Band

3) Click the Forward tab

Further calibration (not usually needed)

Only proceed if you have a calibrated signal source capable of supplying accurate -10dBm and -40dBm levels.

1) Set source to less than 0dBm

2) Follow the directions above to ensure the head is working with the software

3) Return to the "Settings" tab and press the "Cal" button and follow the instructions.

Version history

Testing v0.1 - 2012/01/28 - Initial test version. Expires end of March 2012
Testing v0.1b - 2012/02/25 - Initial test version. Expires end of May 2012
Release v0.2 - 2012/06/06 - First verion to include calibration
Release v0.2.1 - 2012/06/10 - Updated ball-park calibration mode, removed expirey date.

Features in progress (coming soon):